Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Sucks…Bush’s Ability To Look Into Souls

Hey Bush- you suck at looking into souls. AND you suck as a President. For a President who looks into the soul of other leaders to see if they’re good guys or not- you REALLY suck.

I’m simplifying this but do we need bullshit from Russia right now? Are we not under enough of a threat of Global Thermo-Nuclear War? The Georgia thing, now getting Poland to sign for our missile defense crap- we’re fucking with Russia again. Both these countries are right next to Russia- they’re not gonna just walk away from this- they’re gonna do something and more shit is gonna get complicated.

Hey Bush- go look into the soul of a cock- ride out the rest of your term- go on vacation again or something. Or how bout this- finish one of your wars before you start another one!

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Aramael said...

Bush is a fucktard, Putin is a fucktard, what we need to do right now is bring Georgia and Ukraine into NATO and dare those pricks to do something about it.

Clearly, I have too many ovaries to be allowed to fight anybody, but the point is, they're a bunch of bully-boys who don't have the guts to fight. They picked on Georgia for chrissake. It's a sign of utter weakness -- and if you read the reports coming from the conflict, from the Russian soldiers, they were jealous -- jealous I say -- of the nice uniforms the Georgian police officers had (Economist, current issue).

So let's not be intimidated by an ex-world power who, like the British, are basically fucked. Call their bluff.

That's all.