Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What Sucks…Brett Favre

Its gotta suck to be Aaron Rodgers. I don’t like to count people out before they get a real shot, but honestly- this guy will never measure up to Brett Favre as a QB…who’s passive aggressive.

Hey may throw for 500 touchdowns, but will he get all pissy on you after he realizes your organization is moving on subsequent to the 40th time he’s told you that he’s retiring? There’s just no way to tell.

What a soap opera. Here, read this in the voice of Brett Favre- if you don’t know his voice, just do the very high pitched/ breathy thing you do when you’re mocking your roommate or wife behind their back-

“I’m retiring… wait I’m gonna text you and tell you I want to come back…but I’m only coming in as the starter…I have to compete for the job? Release me then, I’ll go to the Bears, THEY love me…you don’t want to release me? Fine, I’ll come in and compete for the job…no, NOTHING’S wrong, I’m just going home on the day camp opens…you know what? Forget it, this isn’t going to work out- there’s too much that has happened!”

Jesus, Green Bay fans are used to dealing with this behavior from their wives!

Best thing to do, is have both the Packers and #4 go their separate ways, sure it’ll seem weird seeing Favre throw into triple coverage in another uniform, but eventually we’ll get used to it, and if not, well, we’ll always have those great memories of Favre throwing into triple coverage as a Packer.

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