Friday, August 01, 2008

What Sucks Presents…Nip Slips We Don’t Want To See!

Whoever is in the range of my voice please do what you can to make sure the following women wear bras, do not wear low-cut, lose fitting tops and are very careful when they bend over.

Barbara Bush!

Keep those covered up George-H.-W.-Bush's-involvement-in-Iran-Contra style. No one wants to see this- if you have to, throw another layer of pearls around that neck- make her look like Mr. T if you have to!

Charlotte Rae!

Keep Mrs. Garrett from Facts of Life bra’d and turtle necked at all times!

The “This house is clean...” lady from Poltergeist!

Forget about the light, don’t go into that neckline!

Think I'm over-reacting? I guess you want THIS to happen again!

Ugh. Jessica Fletcher, there's a body in the back alley and I just threw up in my mouth.


Anonymous said...

Boner she wrote!

bitchlet said...

The face doesn't match!

Anonymous said...

did you just suggest someone give babs bush a pearl necklace?