Friday, August 15, 2008

What Sucks Named Secondary Obama Smear Site

A few weeks ago the Obama campaign announced they would be launching a website devoted entirely to decoding, disproving and handling the various smears put out against Barack Obama by various right wing groups during this presidential campaign.

In the past such smears have included scurrilous rumors that Barack Obama was a Muslim, that his wife Michelle had angrily used the phrase “whitey” in a speech once and perhaps most damaging, Obama is actually the guy Alanis Morriesette was talking about in the song “You Oughta Know”. (Not true.)

Now with the release of “Obama Nation” (get it? Sounds like “abomination”, like the movie Alien Nation sounded like “alienation”), by noted scumbag Jerome Corsi- who’s other books include “Unfit For Command” (the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth thing) and “15 Meals in 15 Minutes: Get Your Tummy Flat The Conservative Way”, the Obama campaign’s “Fight The Smears” site has gotten a little overwhelmed and has asked to help out a little and pick up some of the slack.

So, we’re proud to announce we’ve been given out 1st Obama smear to debunk. So here goes…

Obama is not Irish!

You may have seen far right wing groups, in an attempt to turn off some voters (understandably), writing his name like this…

...O’Bama- hinting that the man is, gasp, Irish. He is not. As a matter of fact, when I contacted the Obama campaign they told me they deplored this fear-mongering, low-road tactics and instructed me to set the record straight and to “Tell them anything- tell them I’m Muslim, anything but Irish.”

Obama. Not O’Bama and not Irish.

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