Friday, August 01, 2008

What Sucks Flash Poll: Used Band Aid Running Away With It!

The recent What Sucks Flash Poll in which readers were asked to take their best guess as to what disgusting foreign substance was NOT in Taco Bell food they’ve ordered during the course of their lifetime, is showing far and away that most readers do not believe they have eaten a used band aid.

It’s the most lopsided victory in the history of What Sucks Flash polls as with 2 hours left, Used Band Aids have gotten 81 percent of the vote.

Other What Sucks Flash Polls have been much closer scenarios with readers coming down to the wire to decide which semi-famous guy named “Gary” has left the most important legacy should he die un-expectantly and who readers would least like to eat body sushi off of (Hillary Clinton beating out James Garner, by a hair.)

Clearly, the readers of this blog feel they would have remembered biting into a taco or a Burrito Supreme, or a Chalupa for that matter, and pulling out a used band aid.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty much everyone agrees... we've all eaten spit.