Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Sucks Democratic Convention Coverage- Dem Leaders To America: Follow Us For Our Ideas, Not Our Fashion

Dateline Denver. Hillary Clinton thrilled the party faithful tonight with a rousing speech on the importance of party unity and the need for a major change in Washington and she did it, wearing a giant orange pantsuit.

“It was like this large peach talking to us with great wisdom and a message of unity.” said one observer. “I mean, the peach put it out there- no matter what are differences are, we can’t have McCain as our President.”

Clinton’s speech, which was extremely well received, was preceded by another rousing address by Brian Schweitzer, the current governor of Montana. Schweitzer hammered John McCain as a representative of “four more years” of the Bush administration, while wearing an bolo tie leading many of the delegates in the venue to question whether or not he was going to a gig as a old-timey ragtime piano player, after the convention. The governor’s staff did not comment on the subject.

Tonight the convention continues with speeches from former President Bill Clinton and Vice Presidential Nominee Joe Biden. In light of Hillary’s speech calling for unity, many observers are interested in what Bill will have to say, and whether or not he will wear the shirt below.


Mary said...

The cat looks like realizations of his own mortality just flooded his furry little head as he dangles from a dangerously elevated tree branch. Or maybe the realizations of mortality have more to do with how his lower half is missing. Either way, this cat is as good as dead.
Also the bird is definitely mocking him and it certainly is not helping.

Anonymous said...

Be careful of men bearing the gift of a kitty shirt.

Lawyer Mom said...

The orange pantsuit thing was totally calculated. Hillary didn't want anyone feeling sorry for her. And who, but her husband, can feel sorry for a woman who deliberately selects orange? Bill was mouthing "I love you anyway" but persuaded the networks to edit the anyway out.