Friday, July 25, 2008

What Sucks...Shine by Collective Soul

Enjoy the suckage and see if you can find the sucky things in this video. Feel free to list them in the comments section (no racism!).

Psst: I'll give you a hint- its more than 8 things.

I hope your privates have a good weekend.


Frank Gibson said...

I watched the whole thing, and couldn't find a single sucky thing.

Except for the guys in the video without long hair.

Oh, and the guys with long hair too.

And the guys with earrings, mustaches and/or toboggans.

Other than that, nothing about the video sucked at all, except the beginning. And the end, and some parts of the middle.

Seriously though, this is why I miss the 90's and want to go back. It was utterly freaking impossible not to be cool back then. Do you own some beat-up, inexpensive clothes you bought at a yard sale? Then you have the latest fashion. Have you not cut, brushed, or even washed your hair this week? Man you are Cool!

90's coolness was not an elitist cool, it was coolness democratized.

Walking Spanish said...

i was really waiting for either a train track shot or abrick wall shot. for reference see the link here and roll forward with the "Hall of Douchebags":