Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Sucks…Saudi Arabia

Religious policeman could be such a cool job. You could battle the devil, take on demons- someone steals a chalice and you track it down- instead, you choose to ban cats and dogs. What a downer, on top of that- you do it in the name of Alla… er, I mean the one who we dare not speak his name who apparently, is a huge cockblocker.

Hey religious police- you’re shitty, shitty wingmen. Also, you’re under the impression your chicks are way, way hotter than they are. What, if they don’t wear a sleeping bag every time they leave the house they’re gonna get jumped? I think you guys are just overly horny.

Hey Middle East, you have a shitload of religious nutjobs over there, and that’s coming from someone who lives in America, where there's an assload of religious wackos.

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Mary said...

At this point, I think the religious police are just trying to outsuck each other.
And furthermore,they must be projecting their overly horniness upon women. Religious police believe that if a woman were to see a mangy cat that looks like it's been rolling around in trash heap, she would be unable to resist the urge to tear off her clothes, and massive pet-inspired orgies would form in the streets?? Sounds about right.
You said it: nice job God-no SERIOUSLY- nice job.