Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What Sucks…Richard Gere!

Hey, nice job showing up at the 911 Concert for New York City and asking us all to pray for peace- where was the peace for my brethren?! Where were your prayers then, pig?! There has to be a terrorist group attack for you to feel compassion?

If I remember correctly, you got booed pretty bad- I guess not everyone believes in what you believe, you horrible pig of a man!

How bout the time you kissed that Indian actress and infuriated the entire country of India?

Well she got off easy- think of the reaction if you did to her what you did to...I can't even say it anymore. I'll just see you in hell- hopefully not from the inside!

- Chips the Gerbil

Blog Note: Due to a last minute sickness, Chips the Gerbil was asked to fill in today at WhatSucksBlog.com. The regular author should be back tomorrow.

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