Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What Sucks…Richard Gere!

Richard Gere. What a loser. First of all, the movies are terrible. What was the one where he played a doctor a couple of years ago? “Dr. T and The Women”? What a piece of garbage that was. “Autumn In New York”? Try One Hour and 43 minutes in hell- cause that’s what seeing that movie was like. Oh, and how bout “Unfaithful”. Yeah, huge shocker his wife cheats on him in that one. The real mystery is why she would even marry him in the first place?

This guy’s movie career is one bad turn after another. I mean Burt Reynolds must look at this guy everyday and be like “At least, I’m not Richard Gere- wait, am I Richard Gere? Let me check my asshole for a Gerbil! Oh, right, no Gerbil- I guess I’m not Richard Gere!”

I can’t think of one decent movie this guy has ever made. Pretty Woman? Please, nice message we’re sending out to girls there- it’s okay to be a hooker cause some rich guy will one day pick you up and fall in love with you. That’s probably the 2nd worse message anything relating to Richard Gere has put out.

To be honest I feel bad writing about Richard Gere here- I’d feel a little better if this blog wasn’t called “What Sucks…” but perhaps, I don’t know…“What A Piece Of Garbage, This Evil, Evil Man Is...”

Then I’d feel better writing about Richard Gere.

- Chips the Gerbil

Blog Note: Due to a last minute sickness, Chips the Gerbil was asked to fill in today at WhatSucksBlog.com. The regular author should be back tomorrow.


gabrus said...

take that richard gere

-gabrus' hamster Rambo

Bird of Paradise said...

This is the jerk who said WAR HAS NEVER SOLVED ANYTHING all escept for making us a indepedent from england or stopping nazism otherwise RICKY GERE is ablabbering idiot