Thursday, July 03, 2008

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Wii Fit, The Economy, Angelina Jolie, Gas Prices, A-Rod and Madonna

…The Wii Fit

Should a video game console be this widely praised? Promoting exercise, getting families to play together- what’s the next Wii gonna be? A Book? If I wanted to exercise this much I wouldn’t be playing video games!

…The Economy

I don’t want to say the economy sucks but the only growth sector in jobs is guys who change gas price signs!

...The Angelina Jolie Birth Watch

Can we leave this alone please? She’s giving birth, who cares? What is this, “Children of Men”? I’ve said it before, this entire thing is so that you can see her brand new mommy-boobs!

…Gas Prices

How far out of hand are we going to let this get? I saw a guy the other day get turned down for buying some “Super” because he didn’t have a co-signer.

…A-Rod and Madonna

I only found out about this possible couple today because I googled the words “old”, “overrated”, and “doesn’t hit in the playoffs”. By the way, who would you rather have, Lenny Kravitz at 42 or Madonna at 100? A-Rod loses again!

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