Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What Sucks…Puppy Mills

Here’s what a douchebag man is, you give him a puppy, he’s gotta fuck it up.

Puppy Mills are giant farms that function as dog breeding factories- places where dogs have sex with each other (a horrible act by the way) with the idea being to commercially benefit from the resulting litters.

Such a business model leads to gross mistreatment of puppies- cramped living arrangements, very substandard care, the development of chronic health problems, and the prolonging of hereditary defects.

Bitches are made to mate every time they are in heat (just like in Puerto Rico- I’M KIDDING!) and the puppies they produce are weaned from their mothers much quicker than recommended causing temperamental and social issues for the dog.

You can’t and shouldn’t mass-produce puppies. A lesson we should have learned before with the Irish (AGAIN, I’M KIDDING) but didn’t.

To see a story about a puppy trying to make in Hollywood, check this out.

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