Friday, July 11, 2008

What Sucks…Madonna And A-Rod (Redux)

Sorry, I know I’ve been harping on this but I still can’t fathom how A-Rod will be giving up ½ of everything he owns because he had to be with Madonna.

A-Rod, say it ain’t so! It’s a big misunderstanding, right? You only met her when you were helping an old lady across the street, and that old lady turned out to be Madonna.

What are you thinking? I don’t want to say she’s ancient but she’s had songs on the compilation albums Now 22, 8, and “Negative 5”!

She’s kissed both Jose Canseco and Britney Spears in their respective primes.

For Christsakes, the crabs she has now are 4th generation!

For a while she told everyone she was “Ester” and then someone named ESTER was a huge whore.

Enough already. I know, she’s the queen of reinventing herself but there’s a big difference between “Who’s That Girl?”, “Blonde Ambition”, and “Lady Who Uses a Walker To Get To The Next Guy She’s Blowing”.

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The Dozens Of Artists Madonna Stole From