Monday, July 28, 2008

What Sucks...Livia Ionce And Having 18 Kids In 23 Years!

Who is Livia Ionce? Well, for a percentage of you reading in Canada, she could be your mom. For everyone else, she’s the 44-year old woman in Canada who just had her 18th baby in 23 years.

Let me say that again for those of you who know there’s a difference between vaginas and tents, 18 kids!

We don’t know the amount of water this woman has broken hasn’t contributed to rising sea levels! Looking for a baby gift? How bout some mace for her husband?! Hey Mr. Ionce, we get it, you’re fertile! Can you keep your hands off your wife for 5 minutes? You’ve been married for 25 years, you’re not supposed to be having sex! It’s one thing to have a lot of kids, this woman uses her uterus as a goddamn clown car!

On the bright side, for this women’s sons and daughters, it’s almost impossible for kids at their school to make fun of her. What are they gonna say…

“Yo, last night I did your mom.”?

Last night? No, my dad was in there. Again.


Anonymous said...

you are so stupid do you know how much money your children's colledge money is going to be or are they being homeschooled. it is probably gonna be hard to do that. but just try to through ok ok

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tobytaz said...

I'll tell you what sucks!! I spent time writing my comment and then it was wiped, I'll start again. The 18 kids? Better them than me..or anyone close to me. The children are all beautiful and look healthy and happy. On the other hand....their WAY TOO OLD TO BE HAVING BABIES..parents, look like they could use a bath, a shampoo, a shave and a rest....a LONG rest. Enough already. What's the damned point? Get a hobby.....get a life, you old coot...and stay away from that old worn out hag!

tobytaz said...

There are only 13 kids in the photo. Where are the other 5?? Buried in the back yard? Out running wild? Gathering berries and nuts to eat? Looking for a home with NO kids in it? Mom needs an extreme makeover...Desperately...and Dad needs to spend time away from about 20 years or so.

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