Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Sucks…John McCain

“Nice Job”

A What Sucks Poem

Hey John McCain, that your ad?
Nice job.
Obama’s like Britney?
Nice job.
Obama’s like Paris Hilton?
Nice job.
A shot of Obama speaking at a massive gathering in Berlin, being received in Europe as if he’s the love child of Bono and Princess Di in an ad that’s supposed to be AGAINST him? Seriously, nice job.

We heard you challenge Obama to go overseas.
But we couldn’t hear you criticize him for taking the trip, because you were bashing him from some aisle in a supermarket, and your voice was drowned out by cashier asking for a price check.
Nice job.

Nice job going on TV and telling the world we need to pay close attention to the border of Pakistan and Iraq. They don’t share a border. They’re separated by an entire country.
Nice Job.

You’re old.
Your campaign knows the election is not taking place on Opposite Day, right?
I am now more convinced than ever that this historical 2 year Presidential election campaign will end with you throwing a tantrum while wearing a bathrobe.
Nice job.


Mary said...

I think he's trying to say, "This isn't a popularity contest." Except that it is. And he's bitter.

Pravda said...

You're still using that Opposite Day joke, huh DeLuca?