Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What Sucks...Jib Jab

I can’t really think of anything less funny than this video right now. Baby seals being beaten? Children getting TB? Carlos Mencia? (NOTE: don’t click on those links- very disturbing.) I’m at a loss.

Let’s try an experiment. Show this video to your friend. Then tell them…

“149 acres of rainforest are lost every minute, globally.”

Which got more laughs? You or the video?

Let’s raise the stakes a little- show someone else the video. Then tell them…

Tobacco use, which is highly preventable, can be directly linked to 18.1 percent of total deaths.”

Are you still getting more laughs than “the jab”? Me too. Crazy huh?

Let’s go for broke- roll the video...

And now hit them with…

“Every day, almost 16 thousand children die from hunger-related causes. One child per 5 seconds.”

You have to be hearing more crickets than that Jib-Jab video, right? Wait, don’t tell me.

In closing, let me say I’d rather see a spot on my X-ray than another one of these Jib-Jab videos. Or a hair in my food. Or an Adam’s Apple on a date.

And seriously, if they got to use Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin" without having to pay for the rights to use that song, there's something wrong with our parody laws.


fusilli said...

I have decided to adopt the moniker "fusilli" in response to your previous post. So there. Also, because it's one of my best date lines: I tell the Special Lady that I will be making her dinner. "I hope you like fusilli, 'cuz I'm gonna f u silly." It works like a voodoo charm.

Almost as bad as jib-jab is that ABC news did a "story," and by "story," I mean "commercial" on them Wednesday night. I'd love to see the paper trail for that one.

Anonymous said...

Lots of things suck on the web. But Jib Jab's sucks-to-overhyped ratio is off the charts. Thanks for that little dose of sanity.

Vance Decker said...

JibJab's work is complete pile of crap, JibJab the company is brilliant. How comically easy it is to fool the public.

They used various SEO scam artists to post fake reviews and comments everywhere, but mainly youtube, where most people were left wondering: "wtf? This is the top rated video?"

Then came the the press releases using their newly acquired bogus internet popularity, followed by mind numbing reporters.

What a farce! welcome to the new bush america!

Anonymous said...

bush america? lol

Jib jab sucks, so does bush, and so do you.

Anonymous said...

I used to heckle them about how god awful their youtube videos were. Most of the time blatantly ripping off any and every other source of popular media you could think of. Almost as if they were lowering the bar, shooting for the even younger (5-10 year olds) who didn't know as much about politics or satire. Yet, still getting air time on national television despite its complete generalization/commercialization of the comedy form. And if you notice the front page of their Facebook account, we're not alone in our thoughts.