Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What Sucks…“Gerbilling”

Stop taking gerbils and putting them up asses so you can feel them scramble around your ass in a horrible panic before they die! Who do you think you are? What did gerbils ever do to you? What a horrible way to die!

I should say for the vast majority of humans, this is not an issue. Gerbils and humans have enjoyed, for the most part, a wonderful relationship. Many are pets for young children and are part of a happy home. But for some of you…why can’t you just get into felching- you can still be pervs but no gerbil has to die!

- Chips the Gerbil

Blog Note: Due to a last minute sickness, Chips the Gerbil was asked to fill in today at WhatSucksBlog.com. The regular author should be back tomorrow.

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