Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Sucks…Brooke Hogan Posing For Playboy

You’re kidding me, posing for Playboy? What, do they have a lampoon edition? Maybe they’ll shoot her in one of those sexy poses where she’s leaning over, across a chair or a table- she can balance on her dick. WTF, Playboy being a men’s magazine doesn’t mean you should be showing pictures of men.

You want me to believe she’s hot? I have an easier time believing her pop legitimately slammed Andre the Giant.

Her VH1 show is called “Brooke Knows Best”, knows what best, how to deemphasize an Adam’s apple? How to find size 14 pumps? She’s her dad in a dress! Sorry, she’s not my cup of tea, I guess it’s because I don’t drink “Chicks Who Look Like The Hulkster” Tea.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was just me. She really does need sit down somewhere

Fudgie_the_whale said...

Thank god i'm not the only one who things this,... I have been wondering for so long how people could think she was attractive. Or even interesting for that matter.. The only reason i watched the 1st show was because of the hulkster and now i only watch episodes hes in and change the channel when hes not in it.