Thursday, July 03, 2008

What Sucks Flash Poll Asks What Body Part Americans Will Most Blow Off Themselves This 4th Of July!

In the latest What Sucks Flash Poll (to the right, scroll down a little) asks the 400 or so people who page view this blog everyday (yes, up from 32 only almost 2 years ago!) to predict which body part will be most blown off by people lighting fireworks or otherwise this 4th of July weekend.

Choices include “Fingers”, which has to be the favorite, “Hands” which is expected to be a contender (if a hand is blown off, it will not count for fingers) “Boobs” which is an underdog, but hey, who knows, this year could be a strange one, and “Other Privates” which covers everything except “boobs”, male or female. A rare 5th choice was added as well, do to a great performance last year and popular demand, "Faces".

Afetr the weekend, I’ll do a google-news search with the terms “Fingers” “blown off” “4th of July” and so on for each of the contestants to see who was wrong, and who is typing with a pencil in their mouths.

Vote it up people- and if you have a feeling this year will have a lot of “Firework/ Boob” incidents, don’t be shy!

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