Monday, June 30, 2008

What Sucks…The “Elitist” Charge Against Obama

So is this the argument the right is going to try and make about Obama? That he’s an elitist?

Noted douchebag Karl Rove said the other day that Obama was the guy at the country club who has a Martini and is with a hot date making comments about people as they pass by.

A few weeks ago, extremely underrated douchebag David Brooks made an appearance on MSNBC claiming Barack Obama wouldn’t know his way around an “Applebees salad bar”. As it was later reported, Applebees does not have salad bars.

Hey right wing a-holes, it’s very hard to paint a black guy as an “elitist” in the context of a country club. Change your metaphors! It’s difficult for African Americans to get into many of them much less hang out there and ignore the common man while drinking a Martini.

And do we want a guy in the White House who regularly eats at Applebees? Or places that have salad bars for that matter? We just elected a guy who people would like to have a beer with and people are losing their homes, gas is 5 dollars a gallon and New Orleans was swallowed up by the sea.


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What sucks is America. I wonder how much my American citizenship is worth. Surely it must be nearly priceless to be able to live so freely in the land of overabundant freedom and opportunity. I wonder if I could hock it in a pawn shop for $50. Too bad it wouldn't be enough for a 1 way ticket to anywhere out of this bullshit place.