Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What Sucks…Reducing Breast Sizes in Video Games!

In what could be a very dangerous precedent, Funcom, which is the publisher of the new MMO “Age of Conan”, has reduced, yes REDUCED- you’re reading that correctly- the size of their female avatar’s breasts within the game.

Admittedly, I do not play the MMO games but I do join the MMO gamer community in asking, seriously, WTF?

If anything I would think an INCREASE of breast size would be appropriate. Have we not steadily made advances in design? A reduction comes as a tremendous surprise and has given rise to a chorus of voices who are speaking out against it.

What, are avatar’s getting sore backs? No. They aren’t, they are imaginary and therefore their backs CAN’T hurt.

Lookit, one of the reasons people play video games is to look at female avatars with giant breasts and their presence has a long, time honored, tradition. DOA Volleyball, Lara Croft for Christsakes- she had boobs so big and round that the actress they got to play her in the movie, Angelina Jolie, had to add padding to her bra- and SHE HAS AMAZING, WONDERFUL BREASTS!

I mean look at those things!

This reduction thing is an outrage. It needs to be gotten to the bottom of! (Already I'm seeing Funcom do more backpeddling than at a Polish bicycle race!) I do however, have faith that the gaming community will hit this head on. Already the venerable Kotaku has hit the story up, among others, and perhaps the great Geoff Keighley, (the Edward R. Murrow of dudes who love video games) will do an expose on this and by the end of the week all of us to march on EA’s headquarters in San Matteo.

No Enormous, Conical Breasts, No Justice, No Peace!

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