Monday, June 16, 2008

What Sucks…R. Kelly Getting Off (Both Meanings)

(By the way, I would gladly pay for this sketch and hang it in my living room. Anyway...)

What the hell is wrong with our justice system? A guy records himself peeing on an underage girl- after marrying a 15-year old, after releasing Trapped in the Closet- all 22 parts of it- then he brings up in his defense the movie “Little Man”, and he gets to walk?

Now I know what you’re saying- hey, the jury couldn’t be sure the guy on the tape was R. Kelly! Does that mean that if they’re right, someone out there is POSING as R. Kelly so he can do #1 on underage girls on videos? Either way, the country loses.

I think we need to re-examine the justice system. I mean if just one of the things in my first paragraph were true, I’d be scratching my head, but ALL of them? It’s time for an overhaul. Seriously, we have people in jail in this country for selling weed, right? But a kid-pee pee-er is allowed to go free and sing “I Believe I Can Fly” at various venues? This wasn’t even in Los Angeles where celebrity crime is legal- this was in Chicago!

To use the parlance of our times, WTF?

By the way, just to cover my bases…

What Sucks Bonus...

What Sucks...The Attack On R. Kelly!

TAKE THAT! You evil R. Kelly impersonators who go to all the trouble to stage a 27 minute sex tape but forget to CGI the mole on R. Kelly’s back! Justice may be blind, but in this case it can clearly see that you guys did not have the mole on R. Kelly’s back! Better luck next time when you try and frame NAS tossing the salad of a Llama!

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