Friday, June 06, 2008

What Sucks…Quick Hits: More Stuff I Missed This Week and Last

…Daniel Radcliffe

Why is every picture of this guy him naked? We get it, you want to shed the Harry Potter type-casting thing. I promise I won’t cast you as him- stop trying to show us your junk! And do something about that treasure trail! Friggin' gross!

…Ryan Seacrest

Over-exposed? This dude is on Idol, E!, the radio show, Larry King- he even popped up in a book I was reading - and I was reading “Catcher In The Rye”!- how the hell did that happen?

…Grey’s Anatomy

Way to introduce a lesbian plotline culminating with a kiss that involves the least attractive member of a cast of attractive young women! What’s coming next year, a Dr. Hahn, Miranda Bailey, Chief’s wife 3-way? By the way, watching this show in my home is not my call!

…The Stock Market

Down drops 400 points? Employment up .05 percent? The good news is that I actually made money today- the bad news? I’m heavily invested in the noose making industry!

…The Housing Crisis

Ed McMahon is losing his home! How bad does this thing have to get before we do something about it? Do we have to walk down the street and hear (TO BE READ IN BAD, ED MCMAHON IMPRESSION) “YES! Do you have any spare change sir?! Heyo! No? You are correct!”


Mike Marsh said...

More likely, Ed will just pocket one or two of those giant novelty checks. At least he's got that lifetime supply of Alpo to fall back on.

Anonymous said...

Most pictures of Daniel Radcliffe are not him naked ... in fact, NONE are him completely naked except for one I've seen that was an obvious manipulation. But the ones taken around the time Equus opened in London last year are being recirculated on a regular basis because Equus will be opening on Broadway in the fall.

As for the "treasure trail" ... just my opinion here, but I think it's sexy as hell!

Darkly said...

I think Daniel Radcliffe is kind of a douche, but I must agree with triomakesmehot treasure trail/chest hair = hot.

Anonymous said...

With the price of gas and food your oily duck logo is starting to look real good,

Dinner plus some free gas.

I even caught Mrs. bandit eating my dog's food.

Can you give her a bone?