Friday, June 27, 2008

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Gas Prices, Russian Dressing, “It’s Complicated”, Imus, Scientists

…Gas Prices

How high are we gonna let these things get? The other day I saw a guy order “ultra” and the gas station attendant had to go into a cellar to get it.

…Russian Dressing

Mayonnaise and ketchup! Hey Russia, I’m not impressed- throw an herb in there! Get a real dressing!

…“It’s Complicated”

I’ll say it- if you watch this show you’re only a slightly better person than Denise Richards.


Imus may not be the most racist guy on the radio, but he’s definitely the most racist skeleton wearing a wig on the radio. Look at this dude, Jeezus. Hey Imus, tanning salons called…seriously, they called – go check them out.


Hey Scientists! Give the chocolate a break for a second- do us a favor- start research on an alternative fuel, huh? After that, hit up maybe curing a disease or something- I’ll let you know when you need to start looking more into “Cocoa”.


Anonymous said...

You want a people that has to wait in line for bread to come up with a better condiment?

That's cold.

Anonymous said...

No one is waiting in line for bread anymore. They are all here buying homes with bags of cash in Staten Island.