Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Gas Prices, Amy Winehouse, The Mets, TBS, FX, ABC Family, Continental Airlines

…Gas Prices

We’re at the precipice of the gas wars. Get your shotguns now, in a week, it’ll be “Mad Max” time. I drove by a Hess station yesterday, not only did I see a $4 dollar gallon of gas- but the sign for Premium said “Check Out Our Fixed Rates!”

…Amy Winehouse

I’m reluctant to show pictures of Amy Winehouse on my blog these days because I believe it sends the wrong message…to undertakers. She’s not dead, folks let’s stop teasing the funeral home industry!

…The Mets

Nice job making Willie Randolph travel all the way to the west coast only to get fired at 3:15 AM Eastern Time after a win. Not saying he didn’t deserve to get canned, just saying Saddam’s execution was handled more smoothly.

…Various Cable TV Stations (TNT, ABC FAMILY, TBS, FX)

Can a-holes, can you guys play “Remember The Titans” a few more times, I keep forgetting the Titans. By the way, in the battle of who’s on cable more Remember The Titans is currently beating The Shawshank Redemption 31, 873, 213 to 31, 873, 212.

…Continental Airlines

The article here says they are “studying” charging you for your first bag. “Studying”. I’m “studying” never getting on your plane again- you’re gonna charge me for my bag? Really? You realize to go to your hub I have to go to Newark, right? And you're still gonna charge me for my first bag? How do your planes even take off with the weight of such huge balls?

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Ben said...

Dude, Shawshank was just on cable. Please update this post.