Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Sucks…Madonna’s Younger Brother’s Tell-All

So Madonna’s younger brother, Christopher Ciccone is gonna release a tell-all confessional about his sister and his publishing company is going to do a first printing of 350, 000 copies.

Here are a few zingers you can use about this book at your company’s water cooler. And if you work for a water cooler company, you can say these things when you go to your desk to work for 15 minutes. (That one was for you, folks at Spectrum!)

These also work if you should run into Madonna’s brother at a UFC Fight or something.

“Tell-all? Unless you have video of her fucking ET in front of the skeleton of Eleanor Roosevelt while flying on a magic carpet, that book is a ‘Was-Told All’”.

“A book about Madonna? Is it coming out on hardcover, or its original ‘Bathroom wall’?”

“A Madonna book? I heard the foreword is a shot of Penicillin.”

“I heard it’s that same old story, you know boy meets girl, boy loses girl, girl F’s the 1996 Portland Trailblazers…”

“I heard Oprah put it in her book club and her book club came home pregnant, smelling of Latino men.”

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