Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What Sucks Presents…“Where Are They Now?"

John Adams…


Great Baltimore Colt Quarterback and NFL Hall of Famer Johnny Unitas…

…Dead! Buried in Maryland!


Second President of Egypt, leader of the Egyptian Revolution of 1952!

Dead! His funeral was attended by an estimated 5 million people!

The character of Henry Blake on MASH…

…Imaginary, but in the context of the TV show MASH, Dead!

McLean Stevenson, the actor who played Henry Blake on MASH!

Dead, in a coffin! Buried in Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills Cemetery!


Anonymous said...

The one and only Hero-NASSER is alife .

Heroes such as NASSER never die.

Anonymous said...

The same goes for McLean Stevenson! Hello Larry was genius!