Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What Sucks News…Children Reunited With Abuse

After promising to pay attention the laws governing legal marriage in Texas, the FLDS church was allowed to take home their kids. Said various child rights advocates, “Well, as long as they promised to obey the laws concerning the legal age a child is able to marry at, I guess we’ll be okay.”

The news was greeted with joy by among others, the many bachelors who live in the FLDS Mormon compound, which incidentally is located basically in the middle of nowhere, Texas.


j said...

And all of them I've seen on t.v. look creepily alike--skinny, long necks, thin faces, pasty...

How many toes you think they got? (and do you count the webbed ones?)

cue the banjos.

Tegan said...
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