Monday, May 05, 2008

What Sucks…The 28 Percent

Hey 28 percent- WTF? What the hell are you waiting for? 5 dollar gas? It’s here! Are you all relatives of the guy? I can’t wrap my head around these numbers. Do 28 percent of Americans own oil companies? Are 28 percent of Americans the military industrial complex? Do you all think he can still turn it around? What’s going through your mind- well, if he let’s ANOTHER major city get destroyed….

What has to come out before you’re able to disapprove of this guy- a “story by” credit on the “Made Of Honor”? Gout has a better approval rating than this guy – and rightfully so.

Who are you, 28 percent? The people who still watch According to Jim? The folks who made “28 Dresses” a hot rental at my Blockbuster?

Do 28 percent of Americans approve of Bear Attacks? Do 28 percent of Americans into the idea of catching their privates in their respective zippers? Men AND Women? Why then are 28 percent behind George Bush? We're on our 5th reason for attacking Iraq- none of them good- Bin Laden is still free and people are losing their homes in an economy that gets more and more stacked against them everyday.

The guy has been so bad, American are actually considering allowing a woman to take over. Get with the program.


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James said...

If Bush was Emperor you would be right. Congress voted for this twice, they still approve it every month with funding. Quitting is not the answer. We should win what we started.

BTW if Bush lied, why did Bill and Hillary not say something? Hmmmmm???..She is now running for Pres. which she thinks she deserves because of her time in the White House. You going to vote for her or the the real lefty quitter?

The President represents us. He does not operate alone. Win the war. Get it done.

And if you made a bad loan on a house, make the sacrifice neccesary to fix it. THAT wasn't gov'ts fault. That was yours.


Anonymous said...

James I just have one thing to say to you.