Friday, May 09, 2008

What Sucks…Spacey And Peebles: Same Guy? A “What Sucks” Investigative Report

Are notorious shitty boss, Cosmo Spacely and chronic animal rights abuser Mr. Peebles the same guy? is raising serious issues that may point to the answer being not only “yes”, but “fuck, yes”.

First off, the resemblance is uncanny. Look at them (pictured above) - who is on the left and who is on the right? Both have horrible comb-overs, both wear the same type of ties- (2 triangles sitting on top of each other), they have the same build, and are roughly the same age. The difference? Hair color and mustache type. (For the record, Spacely is on the left.)

As plain as can be said, Whatsucksblog now fully believes that Mr. Spacely, looking to drop out of the mainstream, “transformed” or “assumed” the identity of one Mr. Peebles. Hated for his obnoxious, miserly ways, one could speculate that Spacely changed his identity to that of Peebles in order to seek refuge from the spotlight and to avoid the infamy he so rightfully deserved.

While the transition may have been simple- to become Peebles, Spacely only had to die his hair brown and grow out his Hilter mustache, to bushy, near Leatherman from The Village People levels and change his turquoise tie and space-age collar for a turquoise sweater-vest, the result may have only delayed his inevitable recognition.

If true that the two are the same- and it appears that they are- the changeover lends credence to what this blog reported earlier this week

What Sucks Flashback…Mr. Spacely

…that Spacely, whose brazen wearing of a Hitler mustache and constant lack of phone etiquette to his employees, especially George Jetson, by reinventing himself as a dealer and exploiter of rare animals- became and is in fact the most detestable cartoon character of all time.

This concludes a long and arduous process of tracking the ultra offensive Spacely AKA Peebles undertaken some time ago by this blog.

Someone PLEASE nominate me for a Webby already.

Spacely, as Peebles, illegally marking down a gorilla.


Anonymous said...

I guess this report is over my head, I don't remember any of these guys.
They do kinda look facist though.

Walking Spanish said...

i think peebles died back in the day, and was reincarnated in the future as spacely.

gabrus said...

this is not a joking manner...

finally someone peels back the layers on a very fucked up onion.

Invisible Woman said...

LMAO! Sometimes I worry about you...

Octav said...

hey i found this post looking to solve the same mistery :)

also i think you will find interesting my series of resemblances: