Thursday, May 15, 2008

What Sucks…Quick Hits : Stuff I’ve Missed From This Week And Last

…David Blaine

How far away from what this guy does is completive eating? Seriously, why does he get the hot chicks and the dude who eats 40 hot dogs in 45 seconds get to go home to his Japanese wife?

…Miley Cyrus “Uproar”

We’re still freaking out about this? Next time can we wait till we see boob? It’s just her back, when did we become the Amish?

…The Supreme Court

Nice job with the Indiana voter ID thing- way to make it harder for poor people to vote. Barack only lost by a couple of percentage points, right? Would the no ID thing have made a difference? No one can really say, right? I hope you live in the area where Hillary runs her commercials for the next month, you bunch of a-holes.

…Polar Bears Being Protected

Great move. Seriously, I’m sure they would do the same for us. Here are a few quick facts about Polar Bears.

- They will kill you on their way to fuck up a seal.

Seriously, great idea- we were just about to eliminate these fuckers who are twice the size of lions, can swim like sharks (have been seen 60 miles off shore in the Arctic) and can smell things from a mile away.

…Training Day

Sorry- saw this the other day on cable- (spoiler alert) and- are you shitting me? Ethan Hawke beats up Denzel Washington at the end? No one bitched about this at the time? The only thing Ethan Hawke can kick Denzel’s ass at is being effeminate.

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Walking Spanish said...

The other thing that Ethan Hawke can do better is smell worse and appear to need a shower more badly than denzel...