Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What Sucks: Past, Present & Future

…What Sucked: The Trail of Tears

In 1838, 15,000 Cherokee Indians were forcibly moved from the lands they lived in- the Carolinas and Georgia- lands very much “westernized” through the building of roads, churches and schools- to western Indian Territory, (present day Oklahoma). Along the way, almost one third of them died from hunger, being exposed to the harsh weather, disease and exhaustion. Those who didn’t die- were in Oklahoma.

…What Sucks: Natural Disasters in Myanmar And China

While the number of dead officially stands in the area of 50,000, officials worry it could climb much, much higher when all is said and done as natural disasters have devastated Myanmar (formally Burma) and now China, which over the weekend experienced an earthquake that registered 7.9 on the Richter scale. What’s worse, aid in Myanmar is being delayed as the generals who control the country, squabble amongst themselves for power.

…What Will Suck: Sex And The City, The Movie

How many innocent men will be dragged to this horrible vag-fest when it opens in a few weeks? How many men will promise their girlfriend they’ll see this thing if their women in turn will let them go see the “The Hulk” or “Ironman” in peace? That’s the devil’s bargain and it shouldn’t be done. Take a look at this trailer- it’s been 4 years since we’ve seen these horrible people and they still haven’t learned the reason they don’t work in relationships is that they’re self-absorbed. Hey bitches, to get love, you have to give love! Ugh! I’d rather see a spot on my X-Ray than this thing!


gabrus said...

take that trail of tears!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Jackson, I believe.
That guy hated Indians!

Anonymous said...

I really miss the Indians.