Monday, April 21, 2008

What Sucks…Yearning For Zion/ FLDS Polygamist Sect

Admittedly there are a few things I don’t understand about polygamists. For one thing, why would anyone want more than one wife at the same time? The fact that there is a law against this kind of thing proves to me that sometimes, government does in fact work. I mean I can barely understand this type of lifestyle if you’re a sultan, but if you’re gonna have a bunch of wives and you’re not having them feed you grapes and dance for you, you’re wasting your time.

Now granted, I’m only going off the same news footage that everyone has seen as far as what has come out of that compound, but I didn’t see anyone carrying any belly-dancing outfits out of that place, as a matter of fact, all anyone seems to be wearing are those pastel, floor length pilgrim dresses. Hey Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, thanks for the soft-on!

But this story is not just about guys who live in a compound and have multiple wives, these dudes marry underage girls too- what’s their motto- “grass on the field, marry!”? I hope the legal fees these dudes encounter make it impossible for them to buy their wives the sexy bathing suits they’ve been looking forward to getting this summer.


A Christian Prophet said...

The movement to free the children is growing.

A conservative blog has suggested formation of See:

A Mormon blog has suggested the LDS church not look the other way, and has also pointed out widespread abuse in the Texas Foster Care system. See:

Connor Boyack’s petition to free the children now has over 1,700 signatures. See:

If there are criminals, prosecute them. But free the innocent children.

Anonymous said...

yeah- some of these kids won't be able to get their wedding hall deposit back!

Anonymous said...

Real patriots can join the resistance against nazi texas and their persecution of the wonderful FLDS people by contacting the below email to join the resistance. You can then get "connected" to the underground resistance.

I understand that they are very interested in "locals" who can help the group expose the deviant sex practices of the local officials and their children. Locals can also help by becoming truth and information guerillas. (Training available on request).


Invisible Woman said...

Oh. My. God. As if the swimsuits weren't bad enough, they have versions in long sleeve/below the knee underneath. What no beachveil?

Is that site real?

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!! What will these pervs think of next???? I just can't handle it!! These bathing suits make me sick to my stomach. They even make ones for muslims--it's from head to ankle. See this site:

Invisible Woman said...

Checked out that site too--LMAO at the Muslim "sportswear" of the woman holding a basketball:

Anonymous said...

Are they allowed to play basketball?

Anonymous said...

You guys are freaking crazy. You need to reread the bible you nut jobs. Maybe the aliens will come and take you away with the the heavens gate wackos. Go rape another teenager shithead