Thursday, April 10, 2008

What Sucks…What’s Keeping Kaz Matsui On The DL

Most awkward DL report ever? What's worse- San Francisco Second Baseman Ray Durham couldn't make the game because of a pretty bad herpes outbreak. Derrick Lee of the Chicago Cubs won't be in the lineup today because of "inflamed gonorrhea".

Anal Fissures
? Good lord.

Gotta believe somewhere between the trainer’s room and the DL someone may have violated doctor-patient confidentiality. Sheesh. How’d you like to have this guy on your fantasy team, then find out he’s out of action due to Anal Fissures. Awkward. You know what, just tell us he can’t make the next couple of games because “something came up.”

Awkward injury.


Kelly said...

y'know, when i first read the headline, i thought you meant DL like down-low, and then the whole anal fissures part seemed to confirm it....but then i figured out that you meant "disabled list," and the irony of the shared abbreviation made it that much better.

Sully said...

That tops John Smoltz ironing a shirt he was wearing at the time