Thursday, April 03, 2008

What Sucks…The SUPER 8

Hey, I have an idea- why don’t we just call this place “8”? Seriously, how are we defining “super” these days? Is having a pube on the toilet seat when you check in to a room now “super”? Is that it? Then I guess my college dorm room was also, “super”. And yes, I went to college.

Take a look at this graphic- click to enlarge it so you can see…

These are the results of entering “Super 8 Motels” into a Google News search- check out the first 8 results- they could film an entire season of COPS here. Heroin charges…vans burglarized…there’s a Carbon Monoxide poisoning- Jeezus! A woman is suing a Super 8 for a skin infection she may have gotten there. These are hotels!

These guys have pumpkin sized balls calling this place “Super”. They’re not even super hideouts for criminals anymore- any scum bag with ½ a brain is staying at the Motel 6, at least they leave the light on for you- makes it much easier to find your gun or your needle. I like a hotel that's honest about its name, like the Red Roof Inns. It's like they're saying "The roof is red, we're gonna go with that." You can't argue.


Anonymous said...

I agree sucker8 hotels are the worst!!!! chetek wisc. has a terrable general manager that charged my credit card an unautherized amount then when i called there "customer service" line they were also rude and then raddled off some nonsence about how the manager there is claiming i did damage to the room and used profanity!!! I am outraged!!

The Family =) said...

I'm not sure i can find anything positive to say about this Super 8. I made a reservation with Super 8in Shakopee, MN because i was participating in a walk - Walk Now for Autism that was being held in this particular town. I'd say we checked in around 5 p.m. Friday night. The room looked decent enough when we first got there. Then i took my 7-year-old son (who has autism, the reason we did the walk) swimming. He swam for 1-1/2 hours, not straight, he got in and out quite a few times. When we went back into the room it smelled as if something was burning or had burnt. I almost wondered if i should have had my boys breathing that smell in! I also had my 3-month-old son with. After being in the room for awhile the smell went away or we just got used to it.

I went into the bathroom and when i came out and shut the light off my skin actually stuck to the doorframe for a split second! Gross! I tried to let this go.

That night my son itched all through the night, almost to the point where it was waking me up and annoying me. The next morning we got up and out of there by 8:30 to make it to the walk. Now remember this is the ONLY reason we drove 10 hours round trip, $160 in gas and food, to walk 1 mile to support autism awareness for children like my son. My son was still itching and i lifted his shirt and his whole body was broke out in this HUGE hives. Needless to say we spent the next 3-1/2 hours in the emergency room!!! Staying at this hotel ruined my entire weekend! This cause was so important to me (autism awareness and raising money for research). I had raised almost $1000 for this walk. It was all ruined because this hotel did not pay enough attention to the chemicals in their pool and i do have the doctors' papers from the ER. I have e-mailed Super 8 twice and have received no response. They're not trying to make the situation better whatsoever.

If you have other options of staying in a different hotel, i would definitely take it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Super 8 sucks. But Red Roof sucks just as much imo. They are fine if you are looking to smoke crack and bang hookers all night. But if you want a good night sleep..forget about it.

Anonymous said...

There IS something to be said about crack and hookers tho!