Monday, April 07, 2008

What Sucks…The Reaper

Reaper, get your hands off of Charlton Heston, you damn dirty ape.

Sometime over the weekend, the Reaper took legendary actor Charlton Heston. Heston, who was 84, had a remarkable movie career that spanned over 100 films. An actor with exceptional range, Heston could play the hero (“The 10 Commandments”, “Ben Hur”, “The Planet of the Apes”) as well as the bad guy (“Bowling For Columbine”, NRA Industrial Films). Heston was also active in his community being among the first actors to champion the Civil Rights Movement and, later in his career, uncovering and exposing that soylent green was made of people.

Charlton Heston, RIP.


Frank Gibson said...

Just Like the "Jaws" cast have (to date) not died in shark attacks, I feel it needs to be pointed out that Mr. Heston's death would have been much more meaningful if he ahd been mowed down by fully automatic weapons legally purchased by criminals via the "Gun Show Loophole".

If he has to die anyway, can't he die by gunfire!? Seriously, sometimes the Reaper really sucks.

Oh, and I though Micheal Moore was the Villain in "Columbine". At least in the scene with Heston, he was.

Anonymous said...

Heston was president of the NRA - a bunch of guys with small dicks who loved killing animals almost as much as beating fags and blacks and jews.

Score one for the Reaper - and long overdue.

I hope he's in a pen getting it up the butt from all the deer he slaughtered - hourly.

Frank Gibson is right on!

Mrs.digibandit says she will light up your prostate like xmas tree.

Anonymous said...

Hey anti-NRA guy, settle down. There's nothing wrong with hunting (venison is delicious by the way), and there's no proof that NRA member are racist.

I hope you get it up the butt from all your hipster liberal friends.

And shame on you for believing in an afterlife - especially one with beastiality.