Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Playboy, Heidiwood, Rudy From The Cosby Show

…Hillary Clinton

During this campaign we’ve seen her cry, lie and now, drink. Pennsylvania, let’s settle this soon ‘cause I don’t want to see her fuck. We’re electing a President here, not a “Whitney Houston”!

…John McCain

100 years in Iraq? Really? Look, I know the Democrat’s foreign policy skills don’t exactly set the world on fire, but you have to admit they’re better than McCain’s, who wants to set the world on fire!


Playboy will be searching for sexy Olive Garden waitresses for an upcoming photo spread. Really? What are you trying to make me read your magazine for the articles? What is this for the August, 200-YOU’LLNEVERFINDONE edition? Wood, RIP.


Add “fashion designer” to the things that Heidi Montag sucks at. By the way, that list includes “actress”, “singer”, “dancer”, “fashion designer” and of course, “person”. You get the feeling people rooted more for Eva and Adolph more than her and Spencer? Cause I do.

…Rudy From The Cosby Show

Stop dressing like that! Your TV father raised you better than that! Tyler Perry cast Keshia Knight Pulliam as a hooker in his next movie- “Madea Does Something Sassy”. Here’s something Madea can do- not ruin, sweet, wholesome Rudy! She is only to be seen like this!

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Hillary sucks!