Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Sucks…Pedophiles Running For Mayor

In a suck-free world, the headline above is never written.

What ever happened to just crooks and liars becoming our elected officials? I heard this guy dropped out because the city wouldn’t let his inauguration take place in playground! Instead of a limo, he was planning on using a white van! He said he figured he’d run for Mayor cause he had to knock on everyone’s door in the neighborhood and introduce himself anyway!

Come on everyone, join in with me-

- Looking back, the guy said it might have been a mistake for him to say his plan for childcare was to “get to second base”!

- The guy thought it was important plan for kids in local schools to “not testify”.

- Half this guy’s attack ads were against Chris Hanson!

- The dude’s poster’s were said “Brian Sliter- For Mayor, or Your Babysitter- Either way, you know, whatever!”

- The dude couldn’t wait to get on the campaign trail where he could “shake hands” and “tongue kiss babies”.

Go ahead- fill the comment section with zingers- it feels great! (Please don’t get as weird as the people who commented on the Polygamist post.)


Anonymous said...

Hey kids! I've got a poll for you!

Chris DeLuca said...

nicely done.

AO said...

Was quoted as saying, "I've decided to end my Mayoral campaign in order to dedicate more time to looking for my lost dog, Sparks. Any help would be much appreciated."

AO said...

Everybody knew he was just a puppet of the Rohypnol lobby, anyway.

Anonymous said...

hey! i think this should be a pervwatch! although maybe you feel you have too many?

Anonymous said...

No such thing as too many. As long as there are pervs there should be a perv watch!