Thursday, April 10, 2008

What Sucks…Idol Gives Back, Teri Hatcher, Guy From House

I’m sorry, I tuned in a little late- was the whole Teri Hatcher singing/ dude from House playing violin/ other dude from Desperate Housewives playing guitar/ cop from Heroes drumming fiasco some kind of tough love thing?

Was Seacrest all like “I thought I told you people to call! Now we have Carrie Underwood- and until I hear some FUCKING phones ring, you’re gonna have to listen to this!”

I don’t think I could of come up with a shittier band lineup if I had to. I’d be all like- “Okay, Jack Johnson on guitar, John Ashcroft singing, Keith Moon as he is today , on drums…”

And then I’d turn around and see Teri Hatcher and the 4th lead from House playing the fiddle, and be like “Damn. You guys are good.”

By the way, is Teri Hatcher boning some American Idol producer like she boned Howie Long to get those Radio Shack commercials? I don’t understand why that performance couldn’t have taken place in someone’s garage. Why the hell didn’t Carrie Underwood do that song live- she was in the building- she came out after the song was over, were they actually holding her hostage?

I hope the people who are getting this money really appreciate it. Us having to sit through Terri Hatcher and the actor band was almost as bad as Katrina.*

*denotes “What, I said ALMOST!”

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Darkly said...

Teri's singing was amazing but I was most impressed by her dancing, so natural and fluid.