Monday, April 28, 2008

What Sucks...Being A Baby In Some Parts Of India

Sometimes when I see a baby crying, I'll be like "What the hell are you crying about, baby? Your life getting you down? Tired of having everything done for you? Don't like me in your grill, baby?! You gonna cry? Pay rent, then come talk to me!" And by that time, I'm being asked to leave the Starbucks.

But after seeing the above, I have new respect for babies, at least ones from this part of India. By the way, what the hell gets you a visit from social services out there? I had no idea this went on, but now that I think about it I should have been suspicious when my brother called tech service for his Dell and had to wait on hold for 45 minutes while the guy on the phone, "Andrew", threw a baby off a roof.

Worst of all, what you see in the above is just another example of corporations outsourcing more jobs to India- don't believe me, check out the empty rooftops of once flourishing "tossing babies off roofs into sheets below" towns such as Youngstown, Ohio and Gary, Indiana.*

*or that industry could have been "steel".


Birke said...

India has strange traditionals. Throwing babies off roofs is terrible! I say the same about absence of respect for women...But culture of India is very interesting.

Mike Marsh said...

Check out the dude in the pink shirt at the end. I'm pretty sure he's playing the drum solo from In a Gadda Da Vida. Rock on, Pink Shirt Dude!

GPJaxies said...

You posted this story the same day it came out that Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are having a baby. If you've seen the Brothers Solomon, you know the special connection these two stories share.