Friday, April 11, 2008

What Sucks…American Idol

WTF? When did this become Jesus Idol? I thought I was watching CBN, but then I realized there were no commercials for an “age defying shake”.

So now American Idol has to be about Jesus? Is that where we’re at now, and more importantly, has anyone talked to Jesus about this? Not so sure he’d be into it, that’s all.

It’s f-ing up Idol. For instance, not only should Kristy Lee Cook be home by now, but she should have already had her “cut to recently cut Idol contestant in the audience” shot like 3 weeks ago. She sucks, so much so I’m not even finding her hot anymore.

Talent-wise, she was well on her way home 5 weeks ago, after she did to “8 Days A Week” what this alligator does to this gazelle- warning, gross.

She escaped however and then apparently, hired Karl Rove as her vocal coach because the next thing you know, she’s singing Lee Greenwood songs and mentioning Jesus at every turn. Say what you will about Sanjaya sucking last year but at least he didn’t hide behind Jesus’ skirt.

Yesterday, Michael Johns goes home- why? Because he sang Aerosmith and they don’t talk about Jesus? Get Jesus out of American Idol!


Nathan said...

So what, anyone can express themselves except Christians? Somehow I doubt you'd ever write a post suggesting we get the gays out of American Idol (nor would I want you to).

Anonymous said...

If they voted the gays off Idol, there'd no one left. The last hetero guy was Michael Johns, what are you talking about nathan?

Nathan said...

Hmm...good question. After all, my comment doesn't square with your hyperbole, so the question arises, whatever was I talking about?

joel said...

nathan's right. what makes the idols different that they can't song about jesus- everyone else does when they work- some porn stars won't shut up about god while they're working!

Anonymous said...

Jesus sucks