Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What Sucks… NY Post Wins Pulitzer For “Class In Headlines”

Beating out the Sacramento Bee’s “Canseco: A-RODDED My Wife” and The Detroit Free Press’ “Did A-Rod Inject Canseco’s Wife?”, the New York Post today won a Pulitzer for headline class by going with the simple and understated “Alex Tagged My Ex-Wife: Jose”.

“Sometimes less is more” said a spokesman for Columbia University, who gives out the award, “and the Post was able to take a minimalist’s approach and get their point across. I mean, hey Detroit Free Press, this is an award for a headline, not a story.”

Canseco, whose accomplishments include winning a World Series in 1989, an MVP Award in 1988 and nailing Madonna back when that shit meant something, is also credited with blowing the lid off this whole “steroids in baseball” thing when he told America he injected a number of major league baseball players in the buttocks, with ‘roids. And yes, he specifically said “buttocks”, a lot.

Canseco’s accusation about A-Rod going after his wife, allegedly occurred when A-Rod was a bachelor, so there is pretty much no shot that the charges will make A-Rod’s wife the highest paid player in baseball.

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