Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Sucks Flash Poll: Who Would You NOT Want To Eat "Body Sushi" Off Of?'s latest flash poll engages readers as to whom they would LEAST want to eat body sushi off of- offering them a range of choices that fall between former First Lady and now Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, octogenarian actor James Garner, comedian and star of “Undercover Brother” Eddie Griffin and dark horse candidate, former Olympic hero, Kerri Strug.

Body Sushi is the practice of eating sushi off someone’s body. Early indications say that Hillary Clinton could be in line for a huge win, however, will readers, faced with eating sushi off of her naked body or that of Eddie Griffin, be able to look themselves in the mirror after publicly proclaiming she would be worse than he? Or even octogenarian actor James Garner (Maverick, My Fellow Americans)? The poll promises to reveal a lot about the readers of this blog, and America in general.

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