Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What Sucks Breaking News: “Hoboken Now” Calls For DeLuca to Replace Artie Lang!

Courageous Hoboken Based Website, “Hoboken Now” yesterday, in keeping with it’s shoot from the hip, take no prisoner’s, gusty style of reporting called for’s author Chris DeLuca to replace the great Artie Lang, if he is in fact leaving Howard Stern.

It’s finger squarely on the pulse of Hoboken, Hoboken Now has won numerous Webby Awards (and rightfully so) and is the first website to be considered for the Pulitzer. However, many feel that by suggesting Adam Wade as a possible replacement for Lange as well, HN is way, way off base.

Just kidding, Wade. (Seriously, though- I’m not kidding.)

Go to Hoboken Now, to know what’s cool in Hoboken.


wade said...

i'm gonna hand you your ass on the tennis court this spring, seriously!
you'll be huffing and puffing,
seriously! :)

Susie said...


Anonymous said...

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