Monday, March 31, 2008

What Sucks…This Guy, Who “F-ed” A Picnic Table

A few questions come to mind. One is “Why?” Another being “How?”

There are many things that bother me about this story. One being that a tipster gave police 3 (freaking 3!) DVD’s showing this guy having sex with a round, metal table on his deck.

First off- it took 3 DVD’s before the cops moved in? Secondly, what happened to make the guy go to the picnic table? Did the round metal table dump him? This guy couldn’t stay faithful to the table he was “f-ing”? Or are they both the same table, and the police are only using the term “picnic table” to sound more official and to save the table public embarrassment?

Other questions are how strong is this guy’s junk? I have been around picnic tables and well, you know, sorry but the normal guy’s junk would lose in a match up against that. That’s why when you buy a picnic table, they tell you to put it together with screw drivers and screws, and not your dick.

There are so many questions on this that I’m afraid I won’t be able to get to them all. So, sorry I will not be asking…

- What would go down to make a neighbor start taping this dude?
- Is this in fact, illegal?
- Is there a more awkward thing to be busted for?
- Who F’s a picnic table?

There are more questions but one good thing about this is that it will give anyone who is bored at work, and has photoshop, hours of good fun. Simply take this present from me- click on the image above, drag it down to your desktop, open photoshop and where you see the picture of “Arthur Price”, cut and paste your buddy’s headshot into that bad boy. Repeat endlessly and it will make your Monday move a little faster. I’ve shown you an example by inserting Tony Danza’s face in there. Imagine if I worked with Danza- I would have gotten him good today.

Hey look everyone! Tony Danza F’d a picnic table!


Travis said...

I like how he took the table inside on occasion...threesome with the nightstand?

Anonymous said...

I didn't have time to read this, so my reaction is based soley on the pictures: OH MY GOD! Tony Danza F'd a picinic table!?