Thursday, March 20, 2008

What Sucks…Lost, Sayid From Lost

Note: If you haven’t watched “Lost” this year there may be some spoilers in the following. If you’re on disc 3 of season one, there are a shitload of spoilers in the following.

Good luck tonight getting any info on Michael- because if last week’s promo is any indication, Sayid is going to be asking the questions and that means that 5 minutes after he starts his interrogation, he’ll wind up tied to something on the boat.

For those of you who watched Lost last week you saw that since Michael left the show 2 years ago, he apparently made it as far as 20 miles off the coast of the Island before he was forced into being a janitor on some ship. Basically, that’s all the information we’re gonna get- at least till someone competent is able to grill Michael, or Kevin or whatever the hell his name is.

Sayid sucks! The dude gets captured so much he should carry around his own rope. I heard that later in the season, Claire’s baby Aaron, gets him.

He’s by far the most underrated putz on the Island, the WORST operative ever in the history of anything. Honestly, I have more confidence putting Bernard in a room with a guy. I’ve been watching Lost for it’s entire run and Sayid is a crappy interrogator, a horrible torturer and, in the future, a horrible hit man.

No wonder Iraq lost the first Gulf War (clearly Sayid was out of the country for their subsequent come back in the second.)

In season 2, pressed to get information out of Ben when he was captured and posed as “Henry Gale”, he got nothing- not even his real name. Think about it, it’s not like this guy was in a position to mask his identity with forged documents, etc. HE WAS ON AN ISALND! Still, Sayid gets nothing.

In season 3, the weird Russian dude who ended up being killed by Locke (and then, well, wasn’t killed before dying underwater at that submarined station thing), gave up nada to Sayid as well. Later in the season you could have added Juliet as well as Sawyer and Rousseau to the list to people Sayid was unable to get info from. As a matter of fact, when he first met Rousseau (season 1), she tortured HIM!

Not that that was the first time that happened, of course he managed to turn a gig as a short order cook into getting himself tortured. What I’m saying is, Sayid’s “torture to being tortured ratio” is very high, which is extremely disturbing CONSIDERING HE’S A TORTURER!

Bottom line, this guy has spent more time being chained to things- a tree by Anna Lucia in season 2, a swing set by The Others in season 3, a pantry by some Iraqi woman’s angry husband- before he got to the island, than he has getting information. He even managed a way to shoot himself in the foot while interrogating his own girlfriend.

Add this to the “future Sayid” who falls in love with the woman who he was supposed to kill, winds up getting shot by her and being duped by her into thinking she cared about him, and I think you’ll agree, it’s time to let someone else try and get information and let Sayid fix radios. Before he’s captured and tied up by a radio.


Ken said...

lol, you're right, Sayid is an underrated person who sucks. I've always thought Sayid's decision-making was pretty faulty, getting him hit over the head in an open field or shot for no good reason. I remember he started crying when he was trying to get Henry Gale's real identity. The only useful info he was ever able to extract was when he tortured his own commanding officer!

Marlena said...

dude, i totally agree with you. they never let Bernard's true talents really shine. i mean, im pretty sure hes the only member of the tail section that is still alive... .

LupineGirl said...

You are so totally off base with this. Sayid is by far the most logical and strategic person on the island, and the best at reading people. You brought up that he wasn't able to get Ben's true identity from him in season two, but when has anyone every gotten anything from Ben? And you seem to have forgotten that a few episodes later, after trekking out into the jungle and, because he so persistent, digging up a a grave, he was the first to realize who Ben was. If he hadn't been there Charlie and Ana Lucia would have just gone home after they found the ballon and they never would have figured out who Ben was. He was the first person to realize Michael was corrupted, he recuses Aaron, he barters himself on to the helicopter enabling him to get the Zodiac and ferry people off the island.

Anonymous said...

So true that Sayid is perhaps the most annoying guy on the show. This is a case where it is as much a fault if the actor as it is in the character. He way overacts and tries to talk like a poor mans James Bond but comes across as just an ugly dude who is pretending. He has the muscle tone of a weak girl and we're supposed to believe he's some skilled soldier. The character seemed like he was going to be the technically gifted one but he couldn't get anything to work, ever. He was supposed to be a torturer but he sucked at torturing and cried like a girl when he tortured someone or got tortured. His were the only flashback episodes that I largely fast forward through on repeated viewings.