Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What Sucks…The Spitzer Scandal: Did His Wife “Understand” Him?

As the obligatory three-ring media circus descends on Eliot Spitzer, as it is apt to do when someone famous reveals they love hookers, and as we see his now infamous 60-second apology played on a loop, it is important to realize that our rush to judgment of the Governor of New York be tempered with not just the obvious questions of “why would a man with so much to lose put himself in such jeopardy?”, but rather, questions that may be hidden just below the surface. Specifically…

…did Spitzer’s wife understand or “get” him?

It is a legitimate query that echoes through many cases of a married dude shtupting a hooker, and a question that at first glance, considering the coin the Spitzer was dropping on hookers, leads one to think, “no”.

As many of you know, sociologists have argued for years that the greatest cause of prostitution is not poverty, or lack of education, but rather the dearth of “wife-understanding”.

Many are the hookers who will tell you their clients have told them that their wives just don’t “get” or understand them. And while it is not entirely fair to put the blame for this incident at the feet of the wife, if wives in general wanted to eliminate infidelity, well, wouldn’t they try to understand the husbands involved in these cases better? I digress.

Let me stress that this mess does not lie at the feet of Silda Hall Spitzer. After all, the hooker Spitzer went to, “Kristen” as she is referred to, turns out to be one of many he used. That is to say, he may have gone to her and told her that not only does his wife not “get” him, but other hookers he’s been to earlier in the week don’t get him either. Perhaps the man is "un-gettable", an enigma.

Now, obviously, it will be months before we find out if “Kristen”, as she has come to be known, the high priced hooker Client #9 (Spitzer) preferred so much that he chose to transport her across state lines, “understood” Spitzer, but one thing is clear- he didn’t drag her up to the podium yesterday to read off an embarrassing apology. Had he truly been sorry, wouldn’t he have brought her up there with him as well?

Questions to ponder as New York's headline writers prepare for tomorrow's possibility that Spitzer gets indicted and resigns.

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dude- we all pay- one way or the other, we all pay.

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