Thursday, March 13, 2008

What Sucks…The New Hulk

Why can’t people make a good movie about the Hulk? He’s green, he’s huge, he loves to smash shit- a reporter follows him around all the time (Right? Was that just the TV show?) Lookit, it just seems to me that the trailer above is not a good sign. If I’m making a trailer about a movie called “The Incredible Hulk”, and I’m showcasing the “inner conflict” of Bruce Banner, I’m probably making a big, fat, green turd.

This is not one of those stories that is hard to tell. This is not a “War And Peace” thing where it’s virtually impossible to get the entire thing into a film. Act one- a guy gets zapped by a gamma ray and finds out when someone pisses him off and he turns green and turns into a giant hulking mass who smashes things. Act two- as he is struggling to deal with this, a bad mutant or the government comes after him, messes his shit up or steals his girlfriend. Act three- he reluctantly turns into the Hulk and kicks everyone’s ass. Final scene, we see the next thing he has to battle, born in some cave somewhere and it’s off to another 300 million dollar movie series.

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