Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Sucks…Our New Governor

Two weeks after becoming governor because the dude he replaced was, to use the technical term, “way too into hookers”, and one week after admitting he and his wife have had numerous affairs themselves, New York’s latest governor, David Patterson, announced yesterday he’s smoked a lot of weed and done coke.

Memo to the new Gov- take a week off from making announcements! Jesus, who is this? Rick James? How many more drugs and women would this guy have had if he could see? What has to happen for the Governors of the NY/ NJ area to calm down, a swearing in ceremony where instead of the Bible, they put their right hand on a woman’s ass? Has he killed a dude? I knew Albany was a party school, but is it a party town too?

By the way, I don’t want to generalize here but blind black guys in the public light are pretty much into womanizing and drugs. Oh, I’m being harsh? I guess you don’t know NY’s new governor, and you didn’t see “Ray”.


eric said...

Hey jerk-off,
When you say your not generalizing; guess what? Your generalizing. So tone down the ignorant remarks.
Oh, by the way; yes he is black and
blind and rich and powerful and the Governor of the Largest city
in America.
Yes he is black and blind, (Ray Charles) and one of the first singers to EVER own his own publishings. And yes he also was very rich. Sucks to see us with power, Hah!
But i'm not GENERALIZING you.

Invisible Woman said...

Eric, calm down, bro. It's called starts with the title of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Really Chris, maybe you should apologize. You wouldn't want to lose that important demographic: Blind, black guys in the public light.
What about Stevie Wonder? I haven't heard much about him being a womanizing drug addict (ignoring that 7 children from various relationships thing), so that's only 2 out of three blind, black guys in the public light that are womanizers/drug users. Check your facts man.

Invisible Woman said...

Now that was just ugly...

Chris DeLuca said...

Thanks IW for having my back. Everyone else, let's chill, and think of how you're gonna react next week when I make fun of asians.

Anonymous said...

who cares about black, blind or whatever faults you people are trying to say the guy has, the main fault is (governing NY) now thats the real topic here isn't it? so lets not be like the governor and get sidetracked from the real issues in NY. PLEASE