Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Sucks...Extreme

There's not much here to say as far as pointing out suckage. Basically, hit play and go on your suck journey. By the way, this song came out in the early 90's or something, why has it been viewed over 4 million times? Does America suck too? Compelling argument here.


vaas said...

What we are seeing here is good ol' nostalgia for the '90's. When wars ended at some point, Budweiser didn't cost $18 a case, gasoline was cheap and plentiful, religious zealots didn't run everything and we were comforted by the melodious strains of Extreme. Aah-

Mike Marsh said...

Does America suck too?

Well, "Horse With No Name" is kind of stupid, but I like "Sister Golden Hair".

Anonymous said...

I love it when you do your second by second break down of why the video sucks. Like with the Journey one.

pale male said...

how dare you attack acapella cheese-rock?

but i agree w/ anonymous, you should break this one down shot by shot to achieve full damage